Where would the asteroid strike?

Where would the asteroid strike?

Briefly, the probable location is: Atlantic Ocean, east of Mid-Atlantic Rise (near junction of African and European tectonic plates).


Asteroid impact location

Asteroid impact location

What is the justification? First, a note that the exact location is not specifically given. However, there are several clues.

* Britain seems to be affected especially (II.41, II.70, III.70)

* Italy suffers badly with earthquakes, with the papacy relocating. (II.41)

* Other quatrains (along with Revelations and other sources) indicate oceanic impact (I.69, II.43, letter to Cesar etc.)

* The general trend of the Arab invasian of Europe indicates a weakening of the European powers, especially the western nations.

Another quatrain ties all these points together:

Quatrain IX.31

“The trembling of land at Mortara,
Tin St, George half sunk,
Peace drowsy the war will awaken,
In the temple at Easter abysses open.”

Line 1: Mortara in northern Italy, 35 miles SW of Milan (located on African- European plate border).

Line 2: St. George refers to England, also ‘Tin’ refers to Scilly Islands, off the coast of England, also called Tin Islands.¬†Nostradamus is here adding together an earthquake in Italy, and a flooding of half of England (note that England, unlike Scotland and Wales, is mainly near sea level). So the likely ocean for impact is the Atlantic, near the undersea border of the European and African plates, hence setting off quakes on the boundary in Italy and surroundings. The tsunami floods more than half of England.

Line 3: After mankind being fairly drowsy with peace, major war will start up.

Line 4: The following Easter sees another major earth change.

We should consider, however, that an impact in the Pacific Ocean could also be a possibility. Since Nostradamus wrote from a very Euro Centric view, he would concentrate on the effects upon England, Italy, France etc.

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