Where can I find out more information?

Where can I find out more information?

The list that was here is no longer around so I guess you could leave a comment and find others who are still interested in X.72

Short bibliography:

The following sources give some introductory material for the student.

  Erika Cheetham ‘The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus
An excellent work, and a benchmark for the rest. Provides original French text of all quatrains along with scholarly translation.

John Hogue ‘Nostradamus – The Complete Prophecies
A comprehensive and detailed text with thoughtful analysis. Includes the quatrains, Preface, Epistle and Presages.

Stephan Paulus ‘Nostradamus 2000 who will survive’ (Michael O’Mara Books 1997)
A remarkable analysis presenting a stunning conclusion. Covers in detail the above asteroid scenario, the consequent war and rise of the Anti Christ and ties in Biblical prophecy with Nostradamus.

  John Hogue ‘Nostradamus and the Millennium
A well presented book, covering most aspects of Nostradamus in a well rounded manner. Good material on Nostradamus’ life and influences. Some interpretation proved incorrect with the passage of time however.

  Michael Jordan ‘Nostradamus and the new millennium’
Some interesting material although the author makes the controversial assumption that the numerical order of the quatrains corresponds to the advancement of time.

  Charles Berlitz ‘Doomsday 1999 AD’
A good overview of possible apocalypse examined from the point of various prophetic traditions – good material on comets/ asteroids.

  Graham Hancock ‘The Mars Mystery’
Excellent and chilling explanation of the danger faced from the cosmos.

  B.Ernest Frejer (compiler) ‘The Edgar Cayce Companion’
Comprehensive reference work by a Professor of Mathematics – the product of 15 years of research. Readings on most major esoteric topics and earth changes included.

Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas ‘The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls’
The authors present an incredible detective story of the ancient world with overwhelming implications for the modern one.

Adrian G. Gilbert and Maurice M. Cotterell ‘The Mayan Prophecies’
Detailed account of Mayan time- cycles, prophecies and a connection with the Sun. Good material on Atlantis.

Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas ‘Uriel’s Machine’. The authors present powerful new geological evidence that the earth was hit by 7 mountain – sized lumps of comet 9,500 years ago (7640 BC) , creating a series of giant waves that ripped across the globe. Further, they show that the Book of Enoch, rediscovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls, contains precise details on the building of a machine for the reconstruction of a shattered world. Highly recommended.

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