When would the asteroid first be visible?

When would the asteroid first be visible?

Quatrain III.34

Quand le deffaut du Soleil lors sera
Sur le plein iour le monstre sera veu:
Tout autrement on l’interpretera,
Cherte’ n’a garde nul n’y aura pourueu.

When the eclipse of the Sun will then be,
In broad daylight the monster will be seen
Everyone will differ on the interpretation,
High price unguarded: none will have prepared.

An interpretation of this quatrain was as follows. During the total solar eclipse of August 11th an asteroid/ comet will be seen which is approaching Earth from behind the sun. It will have been invisible upto this point, and will be after (the same happened in 1948 when comet 1948 XI was discovered). People will argue over the possible significance/ interpretation of the object. Is it a sign (line 3)? Later, panic buying will ensue (line 4).

What additional justification is there for the hypothesis that this ‘monster’ is a comet? Johannes Hevelius’ book, Cometographia, published in Gdansk (formally Danzig) in 1668, includes drawings of several different cometry forms seen between 1577 and 1652, and several are labelled ‘monstriferous’. Two of these comets referred to in such a way have drawings which indicate disconnected gaps in their tails indicating fragmentary cometry pieces.

Hence, Nostradamus may be warning this comet will carry one or more asteroids in it’s tail, and although the comet itself will miss the earth one of these asteroids will impact.

Was anything seen during the eclipse? In fact, despite little attention by the media, something was seen. NASA cameras in Turkey picked up some anomalous objects. See:


(Also see original footage at cnn.com).

see http://hometown.aol.com/EquitesIV/index.html

The following picture is from the AP feed from the South of France. Notice the unusual detached object.

Screen grab using a Video Highway Xtreme tv tuner card using the svideo input from a VCR. Credit to Captain Buck from the Strand Cybercafe - many thanks)

Screen grab using a Video Highway Xtreme tv tuner card using the svideo input from a VCR. Credit to Captain Buck from the Strand Cybercafe – many thanks)

There is some conjecture that these are fragments of Comet Lee.  Additionally, the position of the objects in the sky show them to be in the Taurid meteor stream.

{eye witness account of eclipse from KOT follows}

Eclipse Report (English Channel, approx. 60 miles NW of Le Havre).

“In summary, a very successful viewing was in evidence. The skies were mainly clear, with some occasional thin covering during the partial phase. As totality approached, even this drifted away, and the viewers on board witnessed an amazing spectacle.

The light level dropped rapidly, and the moons shadow was seen further out to sea, rushing in at an alarming pace. Darkness fell, and the mind blowing sight was revealed. Baily’s beads were viewable – and then the sun was totally eclipsed. Very unusual prominances could be seen, especially at 5 o’clock on the moons face. A large corona was also on show. Finally, after what seemed like only moments, the diamond ring signalled the end of totality and heralded in a further period of partiality.”

In retrospect, if we examine Nostradamus’ letter to Henri II of France, when he describes the Solar Eclipse there is no mention of a directly (easily) visible comet. Consider his words again:

“And this [Empire of the Antichrist] will be preceded by a solar eclipse more obscure and more dark [and mysterious], than any since the creation of the world except for the death and passion of Jesus Christ, from that time till now, and there shall be in the month of October some great movement and transference [of the globe] and it will be such that one will think that the Earth has lost its natural [gravitational] movement, and that it will be plunged into the abyss of perpetual darkness;”

It is very interesting to note that on the British mainland (in particular the area of totality, Cornwall and Devon) practically none of the Total Eclipse was seen due to cloud cover. This lead to a very dark and strange time at totality. Witnesses variously described it as ‘foreboding’, ‘weird’ and ‘gloomy’. Patrick Moore, the well known BBC astronomer, pronounced it ‘eerie’ and the strangest Eclipse he had experience (being a veteran of 7). Hence, if this Eclipse is the one referred to, we should expect major changes by October.

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