Does Nostradamus say anything about the Millennium?

Does Nostradamus say anything about the Millennium?

From the preface to Cesar, March 1555:

“Furthermore, we are now in the midst of the seventh millinery which brings everything to a close, and approaching the eighth where God eternal shall complete the cycle (or revolution) during which the former patterns in the sky shall return to exert themselves again, as well as being the upper driving-force that makes our earth stable and firm, so that it shall not vary from age to age.”

Hence, Nostradamus would seem to be indicating the present Millennium as the end for this “revolution” (NOT of the world) for humanity. The seventh millennium may be interpreted as the 5000 years between Biblical Creation (figuratively speaking) and the birth of Christ, and 2000 years since. The next 1000 years (eighth) is the 1000 years of peace referred to by Nostradamus and also in Revelations 20.

Note the importance of this segment within the context of the whole preface which, for the most part, speaks in generalities and says little. The other principle apposite section is:

“I find that so many deluges and such deep floods shall befall the world before the universal conflagration that there shall be scarcely any land that is not covered by water: and for a long time things shall be such that, were it not for written accounts of peoples and countries, all would be lost. Moreover, both before and after these floods, the rains in many countries shall be so slight, and so much fire and so many meteorites shall fall from the sky, that nothing shall remain that is not consumed. And all this is to occur, in brief, before the final conflagration.”

Two quatrains have special relation to the above:

X.74 (Cheetham)

The year of the great Seventh number accomplished;
it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter.
Not far from the age of the great Millennium
when the dead will come out of their graves.

Line 1: The final year of the Seventh Millennium from the scheme above – 1999/ 2000!
Line 2: What is ‘It’ – the comet? Games of slaughter = war?
Line 3: Not far from the age of the great Millennium (which is 2000). But not actually the age, so 1999 is the only candidate!
Line 4: Does Nostradamus see a second Judgement? Or is he referring to something else?

Interesting the nearness of this quatrain to X.72. A coincidence?

The other quatrain is II.46

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