Does Nostradamus give any other clues about the eclipse and the asteroid?

Does Nostradamus give any other clues about the eclipse and the asteroid?

Nostradamus gives the signs to watch for in a letter to Henri II of France (translation by John Hogue):

“Then a great empire of the Antichrist will begin – where [once] Attila[‘s empire] and Xerxes descended [Central Asia and Persia] – in numbers great and countless, so many that the coming of the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the 48th degree [of latitude], will make a transmigration, driving out the abomination of the Antichrist [who is] making war against the Royal [Pope] who will be the great Vicar of Jesus Christ, and against his Church, and his reign for a time and to the end of time. And this will be preceded by a solar eclipse more obscure and more dark [and mysterious], than any since the creation of the world except for the death and passion of Jesus Christ, from that time till now, and there shall be in the month of October some great movement and transference [of the globe] and it will be such that one will think that the Earth has lost its natural [gravitational] movement, and that it will be plunged into the abyss of perpetual darkness; there will be initial omens in the spring, and extraordinary changes in rapid succession thereafter, reversals of kingdoms and mighty earthquakes, with the increase of the new Babylon, the miserable daughter, augmented by the abomination of the first Holocaust, and it will last no less than 73 years and 7 months…”

[after this a period of peace and harmony is seen – the 1000 years of peace described in the Bible]

Hence, we have a VERY clear description here: Nostradamus evidently considered it important enough to spell out in plain language. That being the case, should we expect one or more quatrains to refer to this sequence of events, and give a clue to the year? YES!

The central marker is X.72. In X.72 the King of Terror event is slated for “The year 1999, the seventh month”. Now in Nostradamus’ Julian Calendar, the seventh month period runs July 14th – Aug 13th i.e. it includes the date of the eclipse – surely not a coincidence. However, we must also note all possible interpretations of “the seventh month” to give an overall time window of July 1st to November 4th for the “King of Terror” (See A2 for specifics) . Note also III.34 referring to a “monster” being seen at the time of an eclipse.

The spring which is mentioned would seem to be Spring 2000 (since the events are listed Eclipse, October, Spring). The only possible events for spring 1999 were:

  • Kosovo conflict (started in Spring)
  • Tornadoes of 3/5
  • Earthquake South Central Mexico 16/6 6.7 Richter Scale

and these do not seem to match up to the events described. However, it would be wise to note that Spring has only finished for the Northern hemisphere and has not actually begun for the South. More recently we have had the Turkey earthquake (40,000+ dead) and the Taiwan earthquake (several thousand dead), both 7+ on the Richter scale, within the space of 4 weeks, as well as a substantial quake in Athens.

and these do not seem to match up to the events described. However, it would be wise to note that Spring has only finished for the Northern hemisphere and has not actually begun for the South.

Note that Spring 2000, includes the event of May 5th 2000, when the new moon aligns with the Earth, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, a conjunction which only occurs approximately every 6000 years. Some have postulated a pole shift and/ or violent seismic activity at this time (see the work of Gribben and Plagemann, Tomaschek and others). Interestingly, this conjunction was even commented on by Berossus, a Babylonian astrologer who lived more than 2,300 years ago who, as the Roman poet Seneca recounts 300 years later, predicated that an inundation would take place ‘when the planets coincided in the sign of Cancer, and be placed that a straight line could pass directly through all their orbs’.
Timeline (1999 – 2000)

July 1st
King of Terror window opens

August 11th
Total Solar Eclipse

August 18th
Grand Cross

Movement of globe etc.

November 4th
King of Terror window closes

Spring 2000
Portents (May 5th Alignment)
Escalation of war.

Now, the October event can only really be explained in two ways:

  • Cataclysmic earthquake(s) (10/11 Richter scale)
  • Pole Shift

Of course an event which would trigger one or both of these is an asteroid impact. Nostradamus indicates these severe earth-changes lead to an increase in power for a ‘new Babylon’.

Nostradamus writes, in a letter of dedication written to his son, Cesar on March 1 1555:

“Before the universal conflagration there shall happen so many inundations that there shall scarce be any land that shall not be covered by water…”

In the same letter he seems to indicate the present millennium as an end to this ‘revolution’ (or cycle) for humanity:

“We are now in the seventh millinary which ends all and brings us near the eighth which is where the great God shall make an end of this revolution..”

(this figure comes from 5000 years between Biblical Creation and the birth of Christ, and 2000 years since)

He also adds:

“I find that so many deluges and such deep floods shall befall the world before the universal conflagration that there shall be scarcely any land that is not covered by water: and for a long time things shall be such that, were it not for written accounts of peoples and countries, all would be lost. Moreover, both before and after these floods, the rains in many countries shall be so slight, and so much fire and so many meteorites shall fall from the sky, that nothing shall remain that is not consumed. And all this is to occur, in brief, before the final conflagration.”

We have a clear and concise description of the passing comets effects here: flooding and possible pole shift (October), as well as the accompanying meteorites as the comets tail is passed through. This to occur before the conflagration (the rise and war of the 3rd Anti Christ).

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