Mayan/ Aztec Prophecies

Mayan/ Aztec Prophecies

The Mayans, a civilisation of great sophistication and excellence in Astronomy, disappeared suddenly from the jungles of Central America around 830 AD. Like the Aztecs after them, the Mayan’s made reference to the world being created and destroyed several times. They believed they were living in the 5th age of the sun, and that 4 previous ages had existed. The Mayans believed that there had been great death and destruction at the end of each of the previous worlds. The Aztec description of the end of the 4 suns is as follows:

1st sun – destroyed by water
2nd sun – destroyed by wind
3rd sun – destroyed by fire
4th sun – destroyed by rain of fire and blood.

(there is some controversy concerning the correct ordering).

The Mayans date the end of the previous world (4th sun) as 13 August 3114 BC (Long count calendar). The date for the end of the current world has been decoded as just before sunset, Central American time, 21 December 2012.

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