Hindu – the corrupt age of the goddess Kali


Apocalypse for the Hindu is the natural ending of the world in the fourth age (cf. Hopi), the Kali Age. It is one of a series of apocalypses, each of which marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another creation. The central figure inthe story is Vishnu, the preserver God, into whose self the world is absorbed before being born again. Vishnu has already saved humanity on a number of occasions, symbolically appearing as a savior in many different forms.  Vishnu incarnates in 10 avatars, of which there have been 9, the last three have been:

7. Rama

8. Khishna

9. Buddha

It is said that He will appear again soon, as Kalki ‘the avenger’, riding a white horse (a close parallel with the Book of Revelations), destined to destroy the present world (the corrupt age of the goddess Kali) and to take humanity to a different, higher plane (the golden age of Krita). [see the Puranas]

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