Last updated: September 28th 1999

Nostradamus 1999 and the 'King Of Terror' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What does the famous '1999' prophecy (X.72) say?
2. What interpretations have been put forward?
3. How might one interpretation involve a asteroid impact?
4. When would the asteroid first be visible?
5. Are there any quatrains describing the comets approach?
6. How big is the asteroid?
7. Which quatrains describe the impact and immediate consequences?
8. Where would the asteroid strike?
9. What would be the physical effects of the asteroid impact?
10. Does Nostradamus give any other clues about the eclipse and the asteroid?
11. Do any other prophetic sources support the idea of an asteroid impact?
12. Wouldn't astronomers have seen the comet by now?
13. Does any scientific research support the idea of an asteroid impact?
14. Does Nostradamus say anything about the Millennium?
15. Where can I find out more information?

A1) What does the famous '1999' prophecy (X.72) say?

 Century 10, Quatrain 72
"L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy deffraieur:
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois,
Auant apres Mars regner par bon-heur."


John Hogue (Nostradamus and the Millennium):

"In the year 1999 and seven months
The Great King of Terror will come from the Sky
He will ressurect Ghengis Khan
Before and after war rules happily"

Erika Cheetham (The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus):

"In the year 1999, and seven months
from the sky will come the great King of Terror.
He will bring to life the great king of the Mongols.
Before and after war reigns happily"

Leoni (source:

"The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck."

Michael Jordan (Nostradamus and the new millennium):

"In July 1999, a great and terrifying ruler will
come from the skies and revive the great king of the Angoulmois
before and after which Mars will rule with good fortune."

Stefan Palus (Nostradamus 2000):

"The year 1999, the seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
Resuscitating the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign happily."

Alef (A.P.N. newsgroup):

The year nine hundred ninety nine seven month,
From sky will come one grand King of fright:
Resurrect the grand King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars reign by good-luck.

It should be noted there is some small confusion over the presence of an apostrophe and one or two commentators have presented a contrary translation for line two. For example:

Peter Lemesurier (A.P.N. Alternate FAQ)

"When 1999 is seven months o'er
Shall Heaven's great Ruler, anxious to appease,
Stir up the Mongol-Lombard king once more
And war reign haply where it once did cease."

Two distinguished posters, with exemplary French knowledge, present the counter argument to this case:

Alef (a.p.n) comments "There is no such word as  ( deffrayeur )in the French language. However the said word, is a look alike of the word ( defrayer ) which some have for the sake of supporting a story invented, a word which is not in the dictionary ( defraie ) and given it a logical meaning.  Than pushing this idea to the limit of argumentation. However the word ( effrayeur ) is found as such and is clearly expressing a ( fright ) the ( d' ) is a preposition to explicit the connection between the previous word and the following ( d' ) for " of " in this case. In English we say  ' of fright'. "

He further comments on the issue of apostrophe/ no apostrophe as follows:

"...the word still means ( fright ). Paying a dept write with only one ( f )  as ( defraie ). and the verbs in this case is not in French dictionaries, write as ( defrayer ) to defray, is been the subject of a dept pay off.
The word ( defray ) is not in context with the text of quatrain 10.72. The word can be found in the complete guide to conjugation 12000 French verbs By Bescherelle  Hurtubise hmn."

Claude Latremouille (a.p.n), although considering the quatrains were written to be decrypted not interpreted, agrees that the "deffraieur" means "d'effraieur". He notes on this matter: 'The two French words "de effraieur" become "d'effraieur" and are printed as "deffraieur" in X-72. They mean "of great fear". In modern French, they would be written: "de frayeur".(another justification: Nostradamus uses "l effrayeur" in the Letter to Henry and never uses "le deffraieur" to his knowledge).'

So, it is fair to say that the "King of Terror/ fright/ great fear" is the overall consensus view which has stood the test of time and is shared by most commentators.

A2) What interpretations have been put forward?

Once the correct translation has been established, we next look at the meaning and possible interpretation. We have some event occurring in the seventh month of 1999 (line 1). Firstly, the seventh month may mean:

1. July
2. July 14th - Aug 13th (seventh month in Nostradamus' Julian calendar)
3. September. Sept = seven in French (the root of the name comes from the Latin as September was originally the 7th month) and also the Holy Year started in March in Nostradamus’ time making September the seventh month of the Holy Year.
4. The seventh month in the Hebrew calendar, Ethanim--"Tishri" in the Hebrew civil calendar--which begins September 11, 1999 and runs to Sunday, October 10 (till sunset).
5. The astrological seventh month Libra, September 23rd to October 22nd.

Since 1 and 2 have now passed without major incident, we can conclude 3, 4 and 5 are the only possibilities remaining for a successful conclusion to the prophecy. Allowing for the Gregorian/ Julian discrepancy (13 days) gives a full window of July 1st to November 4th.

The event will cause great terror and come from the sky (line 2). It's effect is to revive or bring to prominence an empire/ kingdom in the East (line 3). War will be underway BEFORE and AFTER (line 4). The BEFORE part would seem to be the Kosovo war, the first major conflict in Europe since the 2nd world war.

So what is this 'King Of Terror'? Some proposed candidates include a nuclear exchange, an air attack, an alien landing, the Cassini space Probe crashing etc.

Some deep thinking may reveal a little more. Something 'great' comes from the sky. It is visible for a long enough period of time to create terror (terror take time to develop, unlike fear). The degree and visibility of the event seem to rule out a man-made source, except for nuclear war. However, in the case of nuclear war there would be many 'Kings' (nuclear missiles) and not just one. A Cassini probe crash may also appear to fit the bill - yet it would hardly have time to promote fear, it would simply crash with no warning (and if there were such a warning counter measures could be taken). It can now be ruled out in any case. Is there anything else?

Is there a connection with the total solar eclipse which was visible throughout much of Europe this year? This eclipse occurred on the 11th August, hitting the south-western coast of England at 11.11 am and proceeding through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Romania, Bugaria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and India (many other areas will see a Partial Eclipse including eastern North America). The 11th August falls within the seventh month according to the Julian calendar.

Additionally on August 18 1999 - a Grand Fixed Cross occurred, formed by the four fixed signs of the Zodiac - Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius (all the planets will be in these four signs). With surgical precision, the planets of the eclipse formed a powerful Grand Cross formation in all four 'gates of power,' or middle of the fixed signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio (representing the four Sacred Beasts of the Apocalypse -- the Bull, Lion, Man, and Serpent/Eagle, of Ezekiel's chariot, of the Sphinx, and of the final card of the Tarot, the World). This directly links the energy of the conjoined Leo new Moon and Sun in opposition to Uranus in Aquarius, with each body squaring Mars (in Scorpio) and Jupiter (in Taurus).

A3) How might one interpretation involve a asteroid impact?

A possibility (originally proposed in Charles Berlitz in 'Doomsday 1999 AD' (1981) and taken up by Stefan Paulus in  'Nostradamus 2000 - who will survive' (1996)) is that the King of Terror refers to a comet/ asteroid which will hit the earth causing devastation and a shift of the east/west power balance, enabling the rise of the 3rd Antichrist. Heavenly bodies have been treated in an anthropomorphic fashion throughout history, hence the reference to a King. Most of the rest of this document will explore this possibility.

A4) When would the asteroid first be visible?

Quatrain III.34

Quand le deffaut du Soleil lors sera
Sur le plein iour le monstre sera veu:
Tout autrement on l'interpretera,
Cherte' n'a garde nul n'y aura pourueu.

When the eclipse of the Sun will then be,
In broad daylight the monster will be seen
Everyone will differ on the interpretation,
High price unguarded: none will have prepared.

An interpretation of this quatrain was as follows. During the total solar eclipse of August 11th an asteroid/ comet will be seen which is approaching Earth from behind the sun. It will have been invisible upto this point, and will be after (the same happened in 1948 when comet 1948 XI was discovered). People will argue over the possible significance/ interpretation of the object. Is it a sign (line 3)? Later, panic buying will ensue (line 4).

What additional justification is there for the hypothesis that this 'monster' is a comet? Johannes Hevelius' book, Cometographia, published in Gdansk (formally Danzig) in 1668, includes drawings of several different cometry forms seen between 1577 and 1652, and several are labelled 'monstriferous'. Two of these comets referred to in such a way have drawings which indicate disconnected gaps in their tails indicating fragmentary cometry pieces.

Hence, Nostradamus may be warning this comet will carry one or more asteroids in it's tail, and although the comet itself will miss the earth one of these asteroids will impact.

Was anything seen during the eclipse? In fact, despite little attention by the media, something was seen. NASA cameras in Turkey picked up some anomalous objects. See:

(Also see original footage at


The following picture is from the AP feed from the South of France. Notice the unusual detached object.

(Technical detail: screen grab using a Video Highway Xtreme tv tuner card using the
svideo input from a VCR. Credit to Captain Buck from the Strand Cybercafe - many thanks).

There is some conjecture that these are fragments of Comet Lee.  Additionally, the position of the objects in the sky show them to be in the Taurid meteor stream.

{eye witness account of eclipse from KOT follows}

Eclipse Report (English Channel, approx. 60 miles NW of Le Havre).

"In summary, a very successful viewing was in evidence. The skies were mainly clear, with some occasional thin covering during the partial phase. As totality approached, even this drifted away, and the viewers on board witnessed an amazing spectacle.

The light level dropped rapidly, and the moons shadow was seen further out to sea, rushing in at an alarming pace. Darkness fell, and the mind blowing sight was revealed. Baily's beads were viewable - and then the sun was totally eclipsed. Very unusual prominances could be seen, especially at 5 o'clock on the moons face. A large corona was also on show. Finally, after what seemed like only moments, the diamond ring signalled the end of totality and heralded in a further period of partiality."

In retrospect, if we examine Nostradamus' letter to Henri II of France, when he describes the Solar Eclipse there is no mention of a directly (easily) visible comet. Consider his words again:

"And this [Empire of the Antichrist] will be preceded by a solar eclipse more obscure and more dark [and mysterious], than any since the creation of the world except for the death and passion of Jesus Christ, from that time till now, and there shall be in the month of October some great movement and transference [of the globe] and it will be such that one will think that the Earth has lost its natural [gravitational] movement, and that it will be plunged into the abyss of perpetual darkness;"

It is very interesting to note that on the British mainland (in particular the area of totality, Cornwall and Devon) practically none of the Total Eclipse was seen due to cloud cover. This lead to a very dark and strange time at totality. Witnesses variously described it as 'foreboding', 'weird' and 'gloomy'. Patrick Moore, the well known BBC astronomer, pronounced it 'eerie' and the strangest Eclipse he had experience (being a veteran of 7). Hence, if this Eclipse is the one referred to, we should expect major changes by October.

A5) Are there any quatrains describing the comets approach?


Quatrain V.32 (Cheetham)

When all is good and all abundance,
in the Sun and Moon its ruin approaches.
It comes from heaven as you boast of your fortune,
in the same state as the seventh rock.

Line 1: Conditions are good (consider from Nostradamus' view).
Line 2: From the heavens some ruin approaches.
Line 3: It comes from deep space as many seem content.
Line 4: Either:

a) the comet itself is not the cause, but is in the same 'state' (i.e. appearing together) as the rock. The seven connection relates to the seventh month in X.72.
b) IIRC the seventh "rock" of the ancients is mercury. The state of mercury is liquid, so: advances to vary your fortune, in the liquid state (by water). (thanks C.D.)

Quatrain II.46 (Cheetham)

Apres grat troche humain plus grad s'appreste
Le grand moteur les siecles renouuelle
Pluye, sang, laict, famine, fer & peste,
Au ciel veu feu, courant longue estincelle.

After great misery for mankind an even greater one approaches,
when the great cycle of the centuries is renewed.
It will rain blood, milk, famine, war and disease.
In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a tail of sparks.

Line 1: may refer to the world wars of the century.
Line 2: the millennium is renewed.
Line 3 and 4: the events which will accompany the comet.

Quatrain II.41


The great star for seven days will burn,
The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
The big mastiff all night will howl,
When the great pontiff changes countries.


The great star will burn for seven days
and the cloud will make the sun appear double.
The large mastiff will howl all night
when the great pontiff changes his abode.

Line 1 & 2: The great star is a comet, and the cloud the coma. The comet will burn so brightly in the sky it appears that we have two suns. (Alternative translation :'The great star for September days will burn'). Since it is visible at the same time as the sun (a daylight comet such as the Great Daylight Comet of 1910) we can conclude it approaches from the sun's sector of the sky. It's brightness indicates a close approach.

Line 3: Nostradamian scholars usually identify the mastiff as representing Britain - so we have a period of national distress in Britain.

Line 4: Events necessitate the Papacy's relocation from Italy.

Quatrain VI.6


There will appear towards the North,
Not far from Cancer the bearded star:
Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria,
The great one of Rome will die, the night over.

Line 1: comet more visible from Northen hemisphere
Line 2: Aug 99 sun will be nearly out of Cancer and moving into Leo, so comet is approaching Earth from behind the sun.
Line 3: Seismically active areas
Line 4: Pope will die, along with many.

A6) How big is the asteroid?

Quatrain I.69

La grande mortagne ronde de sept stades,
Apres paix, gueere, faim, inondation,
Roulera loin abimant grands contrades,
Memes antiques, et grande fondation.

The great mountain round of seven stadia,
Afterwards peace, war, famine, flood,
It will roll far away sinking great countries,
Even antiquities, and great foundation.

Line 1: What type of mountain is round? A good reference here is to the burning mountain of Revelations which John describes as being thrown into the oceans - a clear reference to an asteroid or comet [Revelations 8:8]. So it appears we have a meteor or asteroid which AFTER (i.e. the hit) causes war, famines, floods, great countries to be sunk.

Seven stadia equals 4,250 feet (a stadion in Greek measurement was 607 feet). So, if this is the circumference (dividing by Pi) gives the diameter - ~1350 feet, slightly more than a quarter of a mile.

Such an asteroid (given an oceanic impact, as line 3 intimates) would impact with the energy of 130,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs (assumptions: perfect sphere, mainly stony asteroid with density 2g per cubic centimetre, 60 km/sec impact speed - see Paulus for full calculation). As a comparison, this is approximately 600 times the energy of the Tunguska event over Siberia in 1908. However, the impact of 65 million years ago in the Yucatan Peninsula, was likely a body of approximately 6 miles in diameter - having 50,000 times more energy than the postulated asteroid.

As a side note, in his letter to  the Governor of Provence concerning the Salon meteorite of 1554 Nostradamus:

A7) Which quatrains describe the impact and immediate consequences?

Quatrain II.43


During the bearded star's appearance,
The three great princes will be made enemies:
Hit from the sky, peace earth trembling,
Pau, Tiber overflowing, serpent on the brink placed.


During the appearance of the bearded star,
the three great princes will be made enemies.
The tremulous peace on earth will be struck from the skies;
the Po, the winding Tiber, a serpent on the shore

Line 1: Comets were called bearded stars.
Line 2: Three great nations - only 3 possible major powers are USA, China and Russia. So they are possible candidates
Line 3: A strike from the sky shatters peace (asteroid in comets tail)
Line 4: Earthquakes in Italy/ France resulting from impact causing flooding.

Quatrain II.70


The arrow from heaven will make it's journey.
Dead while speaking; a great execution.
The stone in the tree, the pond nation brought down.
The rumour of a human monster, purge and expiation.

Line 1: The asteroid approaches from the heavens like an arrow.
Line 2: The death toll of the impact - people die unexpectedly.
Line 3: stone is the asteroid, pond nation probably England/ Britain (see next quatrain)
Line 4: May possibly refer to the Anti- Christ

Quatrain II.62

Mabus will soon die and there will happen
a dreadful destruction of people and animals.
Suddenly, vengeance will appear, a hundred hands,
thirst and hunger, when the comet passes.

Line 1: The identity of Mabus is still unclear. He is not necessarily the AntiChrist. One strong candidate is Saddam Hussein (invert his first name in a mirror, by which he is universally known).
Line 2: The effects of the impact
Line 3: Note the use of suddenly
Line 4: The comet PASSING is the cause of the turmoil and misery.

Quatrain III.70


The whole of Great Britain, including England,
will be covered by very deep floods.
The new league in Ausonne will declare war so that
they will ally against them.

Line 1 & 2: Continuing the theme, Britain will suffer flooding from the impact.
Line 2 & 4: Italy (Ausonne in south of Italy, stand for whole) involved in war.

A8) Where would the asteroid strike?

Briefly, the probable location is: Atlantic Ocean, east of Mid-Atlantic Rise (near junction of African and European tectonic plates).

Asteroid impact location
What is the justification? First, a note that the exact location is not specifically given. However, there are several clues.

* Britain seems to be affected especially (II.41, II.70, III.70)

* Italy suffers badly with earthquakes, with the papacy relocating. (II.41)

* Other quatrains (along with Revelations and other sources) indicate oceanic impact (I.69, II.43, letter to Cesar etc.)

* The general trend of the Arab invasian of Europe indicates a weakening of the European powers, especially the western nations.

Another quatrain ties all these points together:

Quatrain IX.31

"The trembling of land at Mortara,
Tin St, George half sunk,
Peace drowsy the war will awaken,
In the temple at Easter abysses open."

Line 1: Mortara in northern Italy, 35 miles SW of Milan (located on African- European plate border).
Line 2: St. George refers to England, also 'Tin' refers to Scilly Islands, off the coast of England, also called Tin Islands

Nostradamus is here adding together an earthquake in Italy, and a flooding of half of England (note that England, unlike Scotland and Wales, is mainly near sea level). So the likely ocean for impact is the Atlantic, near the undersea border of the European and African plates, hence setting off quakes on the boundary in Italy and surroundings. The tsunami floods more than half of England.

Line 3: After mankind being fairly drowsy with peace, major war will start up.

Line 4: The following Easter sees another major earthchange.

We should consider, however, that an impact in the Pacific Ocean could also be a possibility. Since Nostradamus wrote from a very Europecentric view, he would concentrate on the effects upon England, Italy, France etc.


 A9) What would be the physical effects of the asteroid impact?

So, the hypothesis is that late September/ early October 1999 the earth passes through a comets dust tail. This tail contains many fragments - some large, some small. One of the largest, just over 1/4 mile in diameter, strike the earth at an estimated impact speed of 60 km per second.

Effects of the impact:

1. The fireball from the explosion will rapidly rise to the top of the atmosphere then spread laterally. This fireball would probably be 50-100 miles in diameter. Temperature of at minimum 100 million degrees at the centre. Any satellites overlooking the area instantly destroyed, the shock wave also crumpling any aircraft within thousands of miles.

2. The initial earthquake wave races out at close to 1000 miles per hour. The Atlantic coastal areas of all Western Europe, Africa, and the east coast of North and South America will be severely damaged.

3. The tsunami will follow shortly afterwards. Locations 1000 miles from impact site will have one- hour gap between quake and tsunami, 4,000 miles will have 4 hrs.

4. The initial tsunami will be the worst, but many more over a period of days will follow.

5. Secondary quakes are the next occurrence - especially for the areas on the border of the African and European plates. In particular, Southern France, Northern Italy, Greece and Northern Africa.

6. Massive hurricanes form over impact site.

7. Nuclear winter caused by dust reaching upper atmosphere.

As a comparison, consider the largest meteorite crater ever found in Europe recently discovered by Geologists prospecting for oil in the Barents Sea. It is also one of the largest in the world. It was formed 150 million years ago when an asteroid, possibly 500m (550 yards) across (the object described in I.69 is approximately 410 m or 450 yards across) and travelling at 30,000 km/h (19,000 mph) plunged into the sea off the coast of Norway.
"It would have caused worldwide devastation resulting in global climate change and the extinction of many species.
At the site of the impact there would have been a mushroom cloud of superheated steam. Temperatures of over 10,000 degrees centigrade would have melted many tonnes of rock. Gigantic tidal waves would then have raced around the world from Canada to Russia.
After the initial fury, dust and other particles thrown into the atmosphere would have created a cloud that blocked out the sunlight starting a "nuclear winter". Many species not wiped out by the initial impact would have died out during the prolonged cold and lack of sunlight in this extended winter."
Source BBC news site:



A10) Does Nostradamus give any other clues about the eclipse and the asteroid?

Nostradamus gives the signs to watch for in a letter to Henri II of France (translation by John Hogue):

"Then a great empire of the Antichrist will begin – where [once] Attila[‘s empire] and Xerxes descended [Central Asia and Persia] – in numbers great and countless, so many that the coming of the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the 48th degree [of latitude], will make a transmigration, driving out the abomination of the Antichrist [who is] making war against the Royal [Pope] who will be the great Vicar of Jesus Christ, and against his Church, and his reign for a time and to the end of time. And this will be preceded by a solar eclipse more obscure and more dark [and mysterious], than any since the creation of the world except for the death and passion of Jesus Christ, from that time till now, and there shall be in the month of October some great movement and transference [of the globe] and it will be such that one will think that the Earth has lost its natural [gravitational] movement, and that it will be plunged into the abyss of perpetual darkness; there will be initial omens in the spring, and extraordinary changes in rapid succession thereafter, reversals of kingdoms and mighty earthquakes, with the increase of the new Babylon, the miserable daughter, augmented by the abomination of the first Holocaust, and it will last no less than 73 years and 7 months…” [after this a period of peace and harmony is seen – the 1000 years of peace described in the Bible]

Hence, we have a VERY clear description here: Nostradamus evidently considered it important enough to spell out in plain language. That being the case, should we expect one or more quatrains to refer to this sequence of events, and give a clue to the year? YES!

The central marker is X.72. In X.72 the King of Terror event is slated for "The year 1999, the seventh month". Now in Nostradamus' Julian Calendar, the seventh month period runs July 14th - Aug 13th i.e. it includes the date of the eclipse - surely not a coincidence. However, we must also note all possible interpretations of "the seventh month" to give an overall time window of July 1st to November 4th for the "King of Terror" (See A2 for specifics) . Note also III.34 referring to a "monster" being seen at the time of an eclipse.

The spring which is mentioned would seem to be Spring 2000 (since the events are listed Eclipse, October, Spring). The only possible events for spring 1999 were:

  * Kosovo conflict (started in Spring)
  * Tornadoes of 3/5
  * Earthquake South Central Mexico 16/6 6.7 Richter Scale

and these do not seem to match up to the events described. However, it would be wise to note that Spring has only finished for the Northern hemisphere and has not actually begun for the South. More recently we have had the Turkey earthquake (40,000+ dead) and the Taiwan earthquake (several thousand dead), both 7+ on the Richter scale, within the space of 4 weeks, as well as a substantial quake in Athens.

and these do not seem to match up to the events described. However, it would be wise to note that Spring has only finished for the Northern hemisphere and has not actually begun for the South.

Note that Spring 2000, includes the event of May 5th 2000, when the new moon aligns with the Earth, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, a conjunction which only occurs approximately every 6000 years. Some have postulated a pole shift and/ or violent seismic activity at this time (see the work of Gribben and Plagemann, Tomaschek and others). Interestingly, this conjunction was even commented on by Berossus, a Babylonian astrologer who lived more than 2,300 years ago who, as the Roman poet Seneca recounts 300 years later, predicated that an inundation would take place 'when the planets coincided in the sign of Cancer, and be placed that a straight line could pass directly through all their orbs'.

Timeline (1999 - 2000)

July 1st
  King of Terror window opens

August 11th
  Total Solar Eclipse

August 18th
  Grand Cross

  Movement of globe etc.

November 4th
  King of Terror window closes

Spring 2000
  Portents (May 5th Alignment)
  Escalation of war.

Now, the October event can only really be explained in two ways:

1. Cataclysmic earthquake(s) (10/11 Richter scale)
2. Pole Shift

Of course an event which would trigger one or both of these is an asteroid impact. Nostradamus indicates these severe earth-changes lead to an increase in power for a ‘new Babylon’.

Nostradamus writes, in a letter of dedication written to his son, Cesar on March 1 1555:

"Before the universal conflagration there shall happen so many inundations that there shall scarce be any land that shall not be covered by water..."

In the same letter he seems to indicate the present millennium as an end to this 'revolution' (or cycle) for humanity:

"We are now in the seventh millinary which ends all and brings us near the eighth which is where the great God shall make an end of this revolution.."
(this figure comes from 5000 years between Biblical Creation and the birth of Christ, and 2000 years since)

He also adds:

"I find that so many deluges and such deep floods shall befall the world before the universal conflagration that there shall be scarcely any land that is not covered by water: and for a long time things shall be such that, were it not for written accounts of peoples and countries, all would be lost. Moreover, both before and after these floods, the rains in many countries shall be so slight, and so much fire and so many meteorites shall fall from the sky, that nothing shall remain that is not consumed. And all this is to occur, in brief, before the final conflagration."

We have a clear and concise description of the passing comets effects here: flooding and possible pole shift (October), as well as the accompanying meteorites as the comets tail is passed through. This to occur before the conflagration (the rise and war of the 3rd Anti Christ).



A11) Do any other prophetic sources support the idea of an asteroid impact?

Yes. Additional confirmation can be found in Biblical prophecy, the 3rd Fatima secret, Jean Dixons prophecies, Edgar Cayce's readings, Mother shiptons verses, Hopi prophecy, the Mitchell- Hedges Crystal Skull and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's psychic reading. For reasons of brevity, only the most pertinent details are related but for more background the reader is advised to further research all of these sources.

a) Biblical prophecy

Some important highlights include:

i) In Matthew 24 Jesus describes the signs of the End of the Age. Of particular note he describes how:

"the sun will be darkened,
and the moon will not give its light;
the stars will fall from the sky,
and the heavenly bodies will be shaken."

ii) In Luke 21, again concerning the Signs of the End of the age, we are told "There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. Men will faint with terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken." [Luke 21: 25-26]

Commentary: note the use of terror at what is coming - in relation to heavenly bodies.

iii) In Thessalonians (first letter), St. Paul confirms that Second Coming will "come like a thief in the night" and that "While people are saying 'Peace and Safety', destruction will come on them suddenly, as labour pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape."
(1 Thessalonians 5)

iv) Stefan Paulus (in 'Nostradamus 2000 who will survive') devotes a whole chapter to correlations between Nostradamus and Biblical prophecy, in particular the Book of Revelations. Revelations seems to contain a clear description of an oceanic asteroid impact. Seven angels blow seven trumpets. The first four all deal with what sounds like astronomical phenomena, most of which probably describe concurrently the various effects of such an impact. The direct description of the impact corresponds to the 2nd trumpet:

"The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed." [Rev 8:8-9]

In this context the other trumpets can be interpreted as follows:

1st Trumpet: The hail is from massive quantities of water vaporised at the impact, then  cooled in the upper atmosphere. Violent storms will follow the impact. The fire is the hurricanes of fire forming in the aftermath of the meteor explosion.
3rd Trumpet: Another reference to asteroid, this time describing acid rain effects (from nitrous oxides generated in the upper atmosphere) and petro-chemical poisoning of rivers, lakes etc.
4th Trumpet: Effects of the dust cloud on daylight.
5th Trumpet: Volcanic island formation caused by asteroid penetrating Earth's crust and insect plagues.
6th Trumpet: War, specifically 200 million men of a new Persian Army (perhaps a unified Muslim State).

Paulus provides convincing commentary on the events of the sixth seal [Rev 6:12-17] in the light of an asteroid impact. The great earthquake is caused by the impact. The darkening of the sun and moons colour would be caused by filtering effects of the great quantities of dust thrown up into the atmosphere. The stars falling down to earth would be the various meteor showers (smaller debris contained in the comets dust tail through which the earth passes). The 'sky disappearing' is again the dust cloud, a mini- nuclear winter effect.
 A further section is Revelations 18: The Fall of Babylon. We are told how "The kings of the earth committed adultery with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries". [Rev 18:3] The instrument of destruction for Babylon is described as follows:

"Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder the size of a large millstone and threw it into the sea, and said: With such violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down, never to be found again." [Rev 18:21]

The book of Daniel in the Old Testament is an additional excellent source of prophecy - worth reading in entirety. Highlights:

Nebuchadnezzar's dream [Dan. 2]

Daniel interprets the Kings dream (in which he saw a large statue "The head of the statue was made of pure gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze, its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of baked clay" [Dan. 2: 32-33]) as showing a series of kingdoms. Biblical scholars usually interpret as follows:

1st Kingdom - Babylon (stated by Daniel)
2nd Kingdom - Persia
3rd Kingdom - Greece
4th Kingdom - Rome
5th Kingdom - Present civilisation

Note the 5th Kingdom is described as a divided kingdom "the people will be a mixture and will not remain united". The end of this kingdom (which proceeds the formation of God's kingdom) is described thus:

"While you were watching, a rock was cut out, but not by human hands. It struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and smashed them. Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver and the gold were broken to pieces at the same time and became like chaff on a threshing-floor in the summer. The wind swept them away without leaving a trace"
[Dan. 2:34-35]

Surely this describes an asteroid impact?! A 'rock' striking the earth and shattering a kingdom. What is this kingdom? The historical time periods are described by reference to the most powerful nation at the time. So, the 5th kingdom could be America/ European Union. Perhaps the countries in NATO.

Daniel's dream of the Four beasts. [Dan. 7]

Daniel dreams of four beasts, which are interpreted as representing kingdoms that will arise on the earth. The fourth is described as "different from all the others and most terrifying, with its iron teeth and bronze claws- the beast that crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left." [Dan. 7: 19]

The Angel tells Daniel how this kingdom has ten kings (represented by horns) i.e. great nations. He reports that after them another king will arise (X.72?), different from the earlier kings who will subdue three kings. He goes on to describe this king's blasphemy and persecution of the saints, leaving the logical identity of this king as the Anti - Christ. After "a time, times and half a time" this king is defeated.

The prophecies of Joel also describe the events before a future day of judgement "...wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD." [Joel 2:30-31]

In Isiah we are told of the Lords Devastation of the Earth [Isiah 24]

"The floodgates of the heavens are opened, the foundations of the earth shake. The earth is broken up, the earth is split asunder, the earth is thoroughly shaken. The earth reels like a drunkard...that it falls, never to rise again."

b) 3rd Fatima secret/ Marian apparitions

Lucía, the only survivor of the three little shepherds that saw the Virgin Mary, when interrogated about the third secret has given a few interesting clues, of which should be noted:
a) She said that she would still be alive when the Great Punishment occurred. She is now a very old lady.
b) Although she refused to reveal the secret, she warned: When you see a very bright light shining in the sky, it is the signal that the Great Punishment is imminent.

Sr Lucia insists that, "the Virgin knew that these times of diabolical disorientation were to come." To someone who was questioning her on the content of the 3rd secret, Sr Lucia replied, "It's in the Gospel and in the Apocalypse, read them." She also confided to Fr Fuentes that the Virgin Mary made her see clearly that "we are in the last times of the world."

The text of the third secret has never officially been released, although several alleged versions are available on the Internet for perusal. Successive Popes have read the contents of the 3rd Secret, but declined to release it.

There were occasional rumours of visions and "angelic" phenomena associated with Pope Pius XII during the entire duration of his papacy (1939 - 1958). He purportedly experienced mystical visions of both Jesus and Mary. After one of these "visions" he reportedly told one of his assistants, "Mankind must prepare itself for sufferings such as it has never before experienced."

He expressed dismay at what he saw facing humanity in the not so distant future, describing those times as "the darkest since the deluge". He described the times that were unfolding as a period of great spiritual conflict, noting, "The hour has struck - the battle, the most widespread, bitter and ferocious the world has ever known, has been joined. It must be fought to the finish." He made these comments having communicated with Sister Lucia, the surviving visionary of Fatima, a correspondence which he conducted through intermediaries.

The next pope to take an interest in the Fatima secrets was the current Pontiff. On 5/13/81, Pope John Paul II was seriously wounded by a Turkish assassin. He missed two bullets aimed at his skull as he bent down to look at a medal of the Lady of Fatima worn by a young girl in the crowd. In the recuperating room he read everything he could about Fatima, and he reread the Third Secret.

While conversing privately with a small group of pilgrims in the cathedral square of Fulda, West Germany, in November 1980, Pope John Paul II was asked to explain why the Third Secret had not been published in 1960, as the Lady of Fatima had directed. John Paul responded that "the gravity of its contents" was such as to possibly provoke a hostile response to its release on the part of the "world power of Communism" and hence the Vatican had seen fit to defer its publication "out of diplomacy." He added:  " When you read that oceans will inundate entire continents, and millions of men will suddenly have life snatched from them in a second - if you know this, there is no need to publish the secret."

Other enlightening quotes:

Pope John Paul II, In 1980, while speaking in Fulda, Germany, John Paul II stated in response to a question about the 3rd secret that Lucia's text does speak of chastisements. In response to another question, he stated that "the chastisements cannot be averted, it is too late." He stated that "the die was cast. [The chastisements] can be mitigated by praying the rosary." He reiterated that he, as his predecessors, preferred to postpone publication so as not to encourage the world power of communism to make certain moves.

Pope John Paul II, 12/8/83, " Precisely at the end of the second millennium, there accumulates on the horizon of all mankind enormously threatening clouds, and darkness falls upon human souls."

A recent Marian Apparition:

Blessed Mother to Sr. Agnes Sasagawa, OCTOBER 13, 1973:  Akita, Japan:

"As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves,
the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all of
humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the Deluge,
such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall
from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity,
the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor
faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate
that they will envy the dead. The only weapons which will
remain for you will be the rosary and the Sign left by my
Son. Each day recite the prayers of the rosary. With the
Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops, and the priests.

The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church
in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing
cardinals, bishops against other bishops. The priests who
venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres
... churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of
those who accept compromises and the demon will press many
priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the

The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated
to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my
sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will no
longer be pardon for them.

Pray very much the prayers of the rosary. I alone am able still to
save you from calamities which approach. Those who place their
confidence in me will be saved."

Others point our that Our Lady seems to have revealed again the 3rd secret in a locution to the Marian Movement of Priests on 9/15/87 at Akita, Japan, the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows:

"A chastisement worse than the flood is about to come upon
this poor and perverted humanity. Fire will descend from
Heaven and this will be the sign that the justice of God
has as of now fixed the hour of His great manifestation. I
am weeping because the Church is continuing along the road
of division, of loss of the true faith, of apostasy and of
errors which are being spread more and more without anyone
offering opposition to them. Even now, that which I
predicted at Fatima and that which I have revealed here in
the third message confided to a little daughter of mine is
in the process of being accomplished. And so, even for the
Church the moment of its great trial has some, because the
man of iniquity will establish himself within it and the
abomination of desolation will enter into the holy temple
of God."

Cardinal Ratzinger has written in the Ratzinger Report that the 3rd secret of Fatima has to do with what he called "de nivissimis". The Cardinal had good reason to know, having previously read the still unrevealed secret. The Latin expression "de novissimis" means "dealing with the end times", pertaining to the latter days, or about the final events. These "end times" to which Ratzinger and the 3rd secret refer, and about which Pope Paul VI and his predecessors spoke, are well known to Biblical scholars.

Finally, a prophecy from a 12th Century Saint:

Saint Hildegard
The time is coming when princes and peoples will reject the authority of the Pope. Some countries will prefer their own Church rulers to the Pope. The German Empire will be divided.  Before the Comet comes, many nations, the good excepted, will be scourged by want and famine. The great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent will be devastated by earthquake, storm, and tidal wave. It will be divided and, in great part, submerged. That nation will also have many misfortunes at sea and lose its colonies.

[After the] great Comet, the great nation will be devastated by earthquakes, storms, and great waves of water, causing much want and plagues. The ocean will also flood many other countries, so that all coastal cities will live in fear, with many destroyed.  All sea coast cities will be fearful, and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed, and even those who escape will die from a horrible disease. For in none of those cities does a person live according to the Laws of God.  A powerful wind will rise in the North, carrying heavy fog and the densest dust, and it will fill their throats and eyes so that they will cease their butchery and be stricken with a great fear.

c) Jean Dixon

The well known American psychic made a rather startling observation in January, 1978 (especially in the light of concerns regarding fears of world population explosion):

"... overpopulation of the planet in this century was not going to be a problem. Something literally earth shattering occurs... a natural phenomenon which, I believe, will be divine intervention, something like a METEOR. It will happen in a matter of minutes and will involve the shifting of waters..." (My emphasis)

Further, she is quoted in Montgomery's book (a fellow seer), A Gift for Prophecy (1965), as predicting a world holocaust in 1999.

d) Edgar Cayce

The 'Sleeping Prophet' had much to say regarding the end of the 20th century, and earth changes which would accompany the crossover into the new Millennium. When asked in reading 826-8 what event to expect for the year 2000 to 2001 he answers:

"When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins."

A summary of the major physical changes were given in the January 19, 1934 reading:

"The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruptions of volcanoes in the Torrid areas, and there will be the shifting then of the poles - so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi- tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow."[3976-15]

A specific sign that the California disasters were imminent (within 90 days) would be significant eruptions of Mount Vesuvius (Naples) or Mount Pelee (Martinique).

Note that in [3976-15] he seems to list the earth changes for Europe, Japan etc. first (and observing that they occur 'in the twinkling of an eye') before saying 'there will be the shifting THEN of the poles' i.e. the Pole Shift is NOT the instigator of the alterations but another successive event.

In reading 311-8 he indicates that changes in the South Pacific seabed's condition and the eruption of Sicily's Mount Etna volcano would signal the general physical start of the upheavals. Note that scientists estimate a major eruption of Etna is imminent (the last major eruption was in 1928 when two villages were almost completely buried by a flow of lava).

When talking about the next cyclic cataclysm (with the previous being the deluge i.e. Noahs flood) he commented thus: "remember, not by water - for it is the mother of life in the earth - but rather by the elements, fire."

Finally, he had a warning for America which ties in with X.72. He warns that if America does not accept "the closer brotherhood of man, the love of neighbour as self...[then] again must Mongolia, must a hated people, be raised." [3796-15]

e) Mother Shipton

The relevant section of Mother Shiptons verses follow:

"When pictures seem alive with movements free,
when boats like fishes swim beneath the sea.
When men like birds shall scour the sky.
Then half the world, deep drenched in blood shall die.

For those who live the century through
in fear and trembling this shall do.
Flee to the mountains and the dens
to bog and forest and wild fens.

For storms will rage and oceans roar
when Gabriel stands on sea and shore,
and as he blows his wondrous horn
old worlds die and new be born.

A fiery dragon will cross the sky
six times before the earth shall die.
Mankind will tremble and frightened be
for the six heralds in this prophecy.

For seven days and seven nights
man will watch this awesome sight.
The tides will rise beyond their ken.
To bite away the shores and then
the mountains will begin to roar
and earthquakes split the plain to shore.

And flooding waters rushing in,
will flood the lands with such a din
that mankind cowers in muddy fen
and snarls about his fellow men."

Commentary: note that the sixth comet "heralds in this prophecy". Note also in the penultimate verse above, the reference to seven days cf. Quatrain II.41. A full analysis of the Final Prophecy verses has been conducted.

f) Hopi Indian

The Hopi Indians have a prophetic tradition dating back thousands of years. One of their crucial prophecies was carved on a rock cliff in the Black Mesa of Arizona, some 2000 years ago.  This petroglyph (as described by Sun Bear and Others) depicts the great spirit pointing to two divergent historical paths across the era of our world (the fourth world).  The upper path basically shows the path of 'white' culture (material world) and the lower marks the true Hopi (or spiritual world). At one point the two paths are joined by a vertical line (demarking the arrival of European settlers) . Shortly after two large circles mark the positions of the 1st and 2nd world wars. A bit further along is a third circle marking what the Hopi call the 'Great Day of Purification' marking earthly upheavals and the 'return of the Great Spirit'. After this event, the upper path zigzags and fades out, while the lower (spiritual path) blossoms into the next (5th) world.

The Hopis mark the end of the 4th world as a purge by fire (cf. Edgar Cayce above). Special markers include building of 'spider webs in the sky' through which 'people will walk' , the 'eagle to walk on the moon' and, one of the final major achievements of the 4th civilisation, a 'house in space' (MIR and/ or new European/US space station). Signs very shortly before dawn of new cycle: blue star (Kachina). The Hopi account of the end of the previous 3rd world by a 'cleansing' by way of great flood fits in well with Cayce and many other sources.  More detail can be found here.

g) Mitchell- Hedges Crystal Skull

According to legend, 13 Crystal Skulls exist - each containing ancient wisdom and having the power to heal. A prophecy states that they would come together at a time of need... and this is now almost complete.

The Mitchell- Hedges crystal skull was discovered in 1924 by Anna Mitchell-Hedges daughter of Frederick, explorer and archaeologist, at the Mayan site of Lubaantun. The skull was examined in 1970 at Hewlett-Packard Labs and the scientists discovered: it was pure quartz, natural (not man made quartz), was made from a single block of crystal, had no evidence of machine tool markings and hence must have been made by hand (conservative estimate of 300 man years of work, with a mistake at any stage ruining the work).

The skull was channelled by Carole Wilson in 1996, one of Canada's best know psychics who has worked with police forces in the US, Canada and Britain.

Some extracts follow:

"...You have a desire to separate that will lead only to your own destruction. For this is the same mind that caused the Great Flood and caused the previous destruction of many a land mass...There will be changes upon this Earth in the form of the human, the animal and that form you know as 'vegetation' and that form you know as 'land mass' and that which you know as 'atmosphere'.

There will be a disaster that is of great consequence [asteroid? - KOT]. But, in essence, your 'disaster'.. has already begun. You will find much death among your life upon the planet. You will find that which is grown in the ground will cause much change and you will see that which feeds upon the ground will end up with much death. You will see much destruction due to what you call 'radiation' and you will find much pestilence in that which now flies upon your planet. There will be eruptions and disruptions of weather patterns, and much separating of atmospheres. You will have much wind.. and your livestock will die in great numbers. Your waters will rise where they should not rise and your land will be sinking underneath the waves. Land masses will disappear and oceans will rise.

There will be a great splitting of the Earth... from within the Earth. The magnetic field will shift and is already shifting now. the Earth will be split asunder and the discharge will wander through the Earth and into the atmosphere..." [Pole Shift - KOT]

h) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

"A period of natural convulsions during which a large portion of the human race will perish. Earthquakes of great severity, enormous tidal waves would seem to be the agents. War appears only in the early stages and appears to be a signal for the crisis to follow. The crisis will come in an instant. The destruction and dislocation of civilized life will be beyond belief. There will be a short period of chaos followed by some reconstruction; the total period of upheavals will be roughly three years. The chief centers of disturbance will be the Eastern Mediterranean basin, where not less than five countries will entirely disappear. Also in the Atlantic there will be a rise of land which will be a cause of those waves which will bring about great disasters upon the Americans, the Irish and Western European shore, involving all of the low-lying British coasts. There are indicated further great upheavals in the southern Pacific and in the Japanese region. Mankind can be saved by returning to its spiritual values."

A12) Wouldn't astronomers have seen the comet by now?

Some facts:

As an example of a recent comet consider Shoemaker Levy 9, a short period comet. It was discovered in March 1993 - it had a parent nucleus size of ~10 km [Sekanina, Chodas, Yeomans]. It had actually made a very close approach to Jupiter in summer 1992, when it broke into 21 fragments - undiscovered at this time. It impacted into Jupiter July 1994 as has been fully documented.

Surely satellites and deep space probes would discover the comet before it's appearance at the time of the eclipse? Firstly, governments will not necessarily inform the public. Also, consider 1979 where U.S Naval Research Laboratory, through an Air Force Satellite, photographed the previously unknown comet 1979 XI crash into the Sun, but the comet remained unreported for TWO AND A HALF YEARS, until the researchers looked at the film!


A13) Does any scientific research support the idea of an asteroid impact?

Zecharia Sitchin in The Twelth Planet explores the evidence for the deluge of 12,500 to 13,000 years ago being caused by the unusual passage of a twelfth body of our solar system. Ancient Akkadian texts, likely copies of Sumerian originals, describe how the Age of Leo was accompanied by the sudden appearance in the sky of a bright, fast approaching heavenly body called the 'Lord whose shining crown with terror is laden' (cf. X.72). Sitchen believes a planet or large comet may circle our sun in a highly eccentric orbit outside the ecliptic plane of Earth and the other planets. This would account for certain known but inexplicable anomalies in the orbits of the outer planets, especially Uranus and Neptune.

In 'The Mars Mystery' Graham Hancock presents the following scenario:

20,000 year ago a giant comet approaches too close to Mars, fragmentation occurs, devastates Mars, continues in orbit.

13,000 to 12,000 years ago - major bombardment of the Earth as comet passes close to earth, Glaciers retreat

11,000 to 10,000 years ago - 2nd major bombardment of Earth - Ice Age ends

He proposes a theory that the Earth undergoes smaller periodic occurrences as it passes through the cometry debris stream. Evidence of episodes of chaos and disruption and rapid climate change, lasting for several decades, involving repeated collisions with multiple (upto 100 per year) of at least Tunguska size fragments (100m) seem to have occurred around 7000 BC, 5000 BC, 4000 BC, 2500 BC, 1000 BC, 500 AD.

Evidence is growing that an impact or combination of impacts occurred around 2,354 BC. Scientists are pointing to studies of tree-rings in Ireland which have revealed that about 2,354-2,345 BC there was an abrupt change to a colder climate.

They have also highlighted discoveries by archaeologists in northern Syria of a catastrophic environmental event at about the same time. This is also about the time that Bronze Age civilisations collapsed.

Source BBC news site:


A14) Does Nostradamus say anything about the Millennium?

From the preface to Cesar, March 1555:

"Furthermore, we are now in the midst of the seventh millinary which brings everything to a close, and approaching the eighth where God eternal shall complete the cycle (or revolution) during which the former patterns in the sky shall return to exert themselves again, as well as being the upper driving-force that makes our earth stable and firm, so that it shall not vary from age to age."

Hence, Nostradamus would seem to be indicating the present Millennium as the end for this "revolution" (NOT of the world) for humanity. The seventh millennium may be interpreted as the 5000 years between Biblical Creation (figuratively speaking) and the birth of Christ, and 2000 years since. The next 1000 years (eighth) is the 1000 years of peace referred to by Nostradamus and also in Revelations 20.

Note the importance of this segment within the context of the whole preface which, for the most part, speaks in generalities and says little. The other principle apposite section is:

"I find that so many deluges and such deep floods shall befall the world before the universal conflagration that there shall be scarcely any land that is not covered by water: and for a long time things shall be such that, were it not for written accounts of peoples and countries, all would be lost. Moreover, both before and after these floods, the rains in many countries shall be so slight, and so much fire and so many meteorites shall fall from the sky, that nothing shall remain that is not consumed. And all this is to occur, in brief, before the final conflagration."

Two quatrains have special relation to the above:

X.74 (Cheetham)

The year of the great Seventh number accomplished;
it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter.
Not far from the age of the great Millennium
when the dead will come out of their graves.

Line 1: The final year of the Seventh Millennium from the scheme above - 1999/ 2000!
Line 2: What is 'It' - the comet? Games of slaughter = war?
Line 3: Not far from the age of the great Millennium (which is 2000). But not actually the age, so 1999 is the only candidate!
Line 4: Does Nostradamus see a second Judgement? Or is he referring to something else?

Interesting the nearness of this quatrain to X.72. A coincidence?

The other quatrain is II.46

A15) Where can I find out more information?

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Short bibliography:

The following sources give some introductory material for the student.

  Erika Cheetham 'The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus'
An excellent work, and a benchmark for the rest. Provides original French text of all quatrains along with scholarly translation.

John Hogue 'Nostradamus - The Complete Prophecies'
A comprehensive and detailed text with thoughtful analysis. Includes the quatrains, Preface, Epistle and Presages.

Stephan Paulus 'Nostradamus 2000 who will survive' (Michael O'Mara Books 1997)
A remarkable analysis presenting a stunning conclusion. Covers in detail the above asteroid scenario, the consequent war and rise of the Anti Christ and ties in Biblical prophecy with Nostradamus.

  John Hogue 'Nostradamus and the Millennium'
A well presented book, covering most aspects of Nostradamus in a well rounded manner. Good material on Nostradamus' life and influences. Some interpretation proved incorrect with the passage of time however.

  Michael Jordan 'Nostradamus and the new millennium'
Some interesting material although the author makes the controversial assumption that the numerical order of the quatrains corresponds to the advancement of time.

  Charles Berlitz 'Doomsday 1999 AD'
A good overview of possible apocalypse examined from the point of various prophetic traditions - good material on comets/ asteroids.

  Graham Hancock 'The Mars Mystery'
Excellent and chilling explanation of the danger faced from the cosmos.

  B.Ernest Frejer (compiler) 'The Edgar Cayce Companion'
Comprehensive reference work by a Professor of Mathematics - the product of 15 years of research. Readings on most major esoteric topics and earth changes included.

Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas 'The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls'
The authors present an incredible detective story of the ancient world with overwhelming implications for the modern one.

Adrian G. Gilbert and Maurice M. Cotterell 'The Mayan Prophecies'
Detailed account of Mayan time- cycles, prophecies and a connection with the Sun. Good material on Atlantis.

Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas 'Uriel's Machine'. The authors present powerful new geological evidence that the earth was hit by 7 mountain - sized lumps of comet 9,500 years ago (7640 BC) , creating a series of giant waves that ripped across the globe. Further, they show that the Book of Enoch, rediscovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls, contains precise details on the building of a machine for the reconstruction of a shattered world. Highly recommended.



 From the fury of the Norseman,
Spare us, good Lord.
From the great comet,
Good Lord deliver us.
Medieval litany.

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